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May 2nd-arrhythmias


April 27th-arrhythmias


April 20th-arrhythmias


Dr Barbour April 13th-18th

[WS500081.MP3] [WS500082.MP3]

Dr Barbour April 13th-18th

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ISHD-Dr Barbour part 2


Heart Failure-Dr Barbour

[WS500079.MP3] part 1 [WS500080.MP3]Part 2

ISHD-Dr Barbour part 1


ACS-Dr Barbour part 2


ACS-Dr Barbour part 1


Stroke Therapeutics-Dr Hume


Stroke Therapeutics-Dr Hume

Part 1 [WS500070.MP3]

DVT/PE Pathophysiology-Dr Dooley


DVT/PE Therapeutics-Dr Dooley


Lipids Therapeutics-Dr Hume

Part 1 & 2 on Day 2 (Day 1 unfortunately did not record) [WS500065.MP3] [WS500066.MP3]

HTN Therapeutics-Dr Cohen (Day 2)


HTN Therapeutics-Dr Cohen (DAY 1)

HTN Therapeutics Lecture Feb 22nd [WS500061.MP3]