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Fluid electrolyte acid base II

[FE AB Part II.MP3] Part II of FE-AB lecture Feb 6th, 2012

Assessment of Renal Function

[Download file "Assessment of Renal Fxn 2012.pdf"][Assessment of Renal Function.mp3] Lecture from Feb 2nd, 2012

Fluid electrolyte acid base

[Download file "FE-AB disorders 2012.pdf"][FE AB Part I.MP3] Part I of FE-AB lecture Feb 6th, 2012

Acute Renal Failure and DIRD

[ARF and DIRD.MP3] [Download file "ARF and DIRD 2012.pdf"] Lecture from Feb 7th, 2012


Lecture from Feb 8th, 2012[CKD.MP3]

Diabetes lecture Ryan and Justin

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Diabetes Part 1