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Welcome to class!


Kyle Brown BQ project

[Download file "BQ kyle brown.ppt"]

Kirsten Schempp BQ project

[Kirsten Schempp BQ project.pptx]

Nicolette Brids BQ project

[Nicolette Brids BQ project.pptx]

Kerry Holmes BQ project

[Kerry Holmes BQ project.pptx]

Alexis Chauvette BQ project

[Alexis Chauvette BQ project.pptx]

Danielle Proulx BQ project

[Danielle Proulx BQ project.pptx]

Kate Paulhardt BQ project

[Beautiful Question2.pptx] [Download file "Audio 1.mp4"][Download file "Audio 2.mp4"][Download file "Audio 3.mp4"][Download file "Audio 4.mp4"][Down...

Suzanne Violet BQ project

[Suzanne Violet BQ project.ppt]

Brittany Ford BQ project

[Brittany Ford BQ project.pptx]

Mackenzie Garry BQ project

[Mackenzie Garry.ppt]

Megan Cullen BQ project

[Megan Cullen.pptx]

Angela Rosamilia BQ project

[Angelia Rosamilia.pptx]

Lisa D'Amore BQ project

[Lisa Deamore.pptx]

Keisha Opoku BQ project

[Keisha O.pdf]

Stephanie Roland BQ project

[Stephanie Roland.pptx]

Jill Cabral BQ project

[Jill Cabral.pptx]

Jacob Calkins BQ project

[Jacob Calkins.pptx]

Michael DeBartolo BQ project

[Michael DeBartolo.pptx]

Casey Miller BQ project

[Casey Miller.pptm]